Sunday, March 24, 2013

How I make "money" as a SAHM [part 2]

A few weeks ago I posted about how I make "money" as a SAHM.
You can read that post here.  It's all about

Another site I visit daily is
I love  I have referred a few friends and they all love it too.
At i-say you're invited to take surveys.  Some are short, some are painfully long and boring but all of them reward you with points.  If you start a survey and you don't qualify they still give you 5 points.  I love this.  I've been a member of i-say for almost 6 months and I currently have enough for $25 paypal funds, i-tunes giftcards, $20 in amazon giftcards and more.  I'm saving up for prepaid visa cards to take to disneyland.

I like this site because it's just surveys.  No watching movies or signing up for subscriptions or anything like that.  I've also taken surveys where they've sent me free products, which is always fun!

Again, you're not going to get rich off of i-say, but you can bring in some extra play money...I'd suggest it!

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Haylee said...

Oh my gosh yes! Finally someone who appreciates my love for Swagbucks, that website has seriously been the best thing ever. I didn't even know they had Target gift cards so that's good to know, I'm like you and always cash mine in for Amazon gift cards and it's been grand. ha seriously, free money is the best! And I also do the "random searches" and the NOSO, and the videos. We're twins! No really though that site is awesome. The best is when you search on Fridays because it's their "Mega Swagbucks Day" or whatever so sometimes you get hooked UP with Swagbucks. Like I won 79 Swagbucks or something crazy like that once while searching. Unfortunately that only happens like once every year for me, haha but still!