Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I'll just put these here...

I haven't posted in awhile and have a phone full of pictures, so in no particular order here is what our life is looking like;

Got the Christmas Tree up in the new house.  The girls were so excited to decorate.  Hopefully next year we can add to the decorations and make our house festive during the holidays!  I love Christmas lights.  I feel like they help make winter a little less gloomy.

My Mom made chocolate pie and let Sundae sample it the night before Thanksgiving.  She devoured two servings before I realized I was letting my lactose intolerant child eat two helpings of chocolate pie right before bed time.  It was a rough night, but it was worth it to see Sunny enjoy it so much.

A few days ago Davin surprised us with our first visit to Fiiz - a soda bar near our house.  The girls got "Pink Poodles" which was cotton candy flavored soda with whipped cream and sprinkles.  I thought it sounded gross but it was amazing.  Davin and I stuck with some of our favorites - an italian  cream soda for me and a dirty Coke for him.  It was good and a fun atmosphere.

We painted our pantry door blue.  I really like it and I am looking for more ways to add the color to the kitchen.  We're loving having our own house.  Davin is learning out to fix things and being pretty amazing at it and I'm trying not to be intimidated by all the blank walls waiting to be decorated.  I think I'll start with the girls rooms next month.

I made this!  I am not a "crafty" person and I don't really enjoy doing them, but I wanted a wreath I found online but wasn't willing to hand over $85 for something to hang on my door.  I ran over to the nearest craft store, spent $12 and an hour later I have this.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  

Samantha and Alex gave my girls some of their old dress ups.  This cute Snow White dress was one of them and Ava loves it.  She's growing up too fast.

Samantha and Ivy celebrating there 9th and 6th birthday together.  I can't believe Sam is nine.  She is beautiful and sweet.  She loves to have fun and laugh and play.  Ava thinks she's the best.

Ava as Jasmine and Sundae the pirate.  Halloween 2014

Sundae has decided she naps again.  She'll fall asleep in the car and then we can carry her around and put her anywhere and she'll sleep right through it.  She looks so sweet when she sleeps.  You can hardly tell there is a crazy kid there. ;)

Until next time.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Girls

Ava on her first day of her last year of preschool.  She absolutely loves going to school and asks if she has school in the morning every single night.  She's a quick learner and asks millions of questions a day because she wants to know everything.  I can't believe she'll be in kindergarten next year.  I choose not to think about it.

Some of her favorite things:
Elsa and Anna (Frozen)
Necklaces, hats, bracelets and yesterday she told me 
she wants her ears pierced.
Stuffed animals
Playing with Sundae
Her grandparents
Being outside to play
Snuggling with Daddy

Grandma and Grandpa Rutland gave Sundae a wagon for her second birthday.  The weather has been so nice for October and we've been out playing with it a ton.  They love pulling each other around and riding to Grandma and Grandpa Knighton's house in it while I pull them.

Some of Sunny's favorites:
Being held/carried
Being outside to play
Being read to
Her grandparents
Helping me with chores

This is what happens when they see me with the camera out.  Stinkers.

Sundae didn't say much for a long time but since she started she hasn't stopped.  She's got a good sized vocabulary and is usually easy to understand.  She still wakes up in the night and she's still driving me crazy, but we love her.  She's packed with personality and independence. She wants to do everything her big sister can do, including use the potty...but I'm not quite ready for that yet.  Soon we'll put away the diapers and go full force potty train mode.  Not yet though.  She's still my baby.

Trying on Dad's fire helmet.  These things way a ton, she was tipping.  They love that Dad is a firefighter and get excited whenever there is a firefighter toy, cartoon or truck outside.  

Friday, September 26, 2014

Moving on Out

I'm no stranger to moving.  Packing up boxes, cleaning the oven, the blinds, the fridge, living with only the bare necessities until you can unpack again.

Since turning 18 (ten years ago!) I have moved to college and back to my hometown, to another college and back to my hometown, to Bountiful and back, Layton to Bountiful then back to my hometown and then another home in my hometown.

We celebrated Ava's third birthday in her fourth home, our sixth wedding anniversary in our sixth home.

We're moving again, but this time is different.  This time it's a little more scary and a lot more exciting.  This time we can call it our first home.  We bought a house.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some Days

Some days I'm pretty awesome.

Some days I get four loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away.  I do this while bathing, dressing and feeding my kids healthy meals I prepared myself.  On these days the floor gets swept and the living room gets picked up and the dishes in the dishwasher get unloaded/loaded.

Some days I make sure my husband has food to take to work and clean clothes to wear.  Some days I call him to see how his day is going.  Some days we are a happy Mom/kids trio when he comes home from work.

Some days I don't do jack.

Some days I binge read my favorite blogs all day or catch up on my youtube subscriptions.  Some days I take a nap when the one year old is sleeping instead of being productive.  Some days I feed my kids pizza hut while they have Disney Jr marathons.  Some days I don't shower, bathe the kids or get any of us dressed.

Some days my husband comes home to a mess and tears and frustration.  Some days I don't give him the attention he deserves.

So, I'm like everyone else right?  We all have our good days and bad days.  To be honest I have a hard time picturing some of my friends/acquaintances having bad days.  You know the kind I'm talking about.  The Mom's who always have their hair curled, whose kids are always dressed well with clean faces.  The Mom's who keep their houses clean at all times.

I wish.  I was going to be that kind of Mom, before I had kids.  
hahahahahahahahahahhahaha.  right.

Here is where I need to change:

On my awesome days I don't give myself any credit.  In fact I usually end up apologizing to my kids and/or husband for not getting that one last thing done.  I go to bed annoyed with myself for some reason or other.  I'm never happy with the work I've done that day.

On my crap days I beat myself up good.  I am sure to remind myself that so and so is doing it all better than me.  I give myself grief for spending money on pizza.  If I dare look in a mirror as I pass it by I get on myself about how much weight I need to lose or how I should do my hair down more often or something else...always something.

I need to remember to be nicer to myself.  To let myself have a bad day every now and then, but not too often.  I need to be happy with myself when I work my butt off one day.  I need to accept my husbands compliments without rolling my eyes.

What do you do to treat yourself?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Preschool Graduation

Ava finished her first year of preschool.  I only cried for a second.  She's gotten so big and she's so smart.  She wants to know everything and is constantly asking me questions about why things are the way they are.
She met her friend Amelia in this class and the refer to each other as "twin sister".  I'm not sure where that came from but it's pretty cute.  The get along really well and they are fun to watch.

Only one more year of preschool and it's on to elementary!


She's getting too big, too fast. 
She's finally talking.  Eddie, Mama, Dada, Vava (Ava), Ball, More, No, Kitty, Please, Hi, Bye, Yes, Papa (grandma and grandpa), Potty, Bum and lots more.  She also loves to "sing" along with songs.  Her favorite is "Popcorn Popping".

She sleeps through the night about 4 nights a week now.  That took forever, and I'm ENJOYING it.  I'm a much happier Mama when I've gotten a solid 8 hours.  Thank you Sunny!

Still has lots and lots of nicknames.  Sunny, Sun Bun, Sunners, Sun-bun-a-reno, Sunabun, Bo Bo La Bo Bo, Sunny cakes and more.

She loves blankies, animal sounds, songs with actions involved, Eddie the schnauzer, the word "No", her sister, strawberries, rough housing with Dad, her bottle (I'm working on that one), her grandparents and Minnie Mouse.

She does not like bath time, bed time, the Dr, snuggling (unless it's her idea), swimming pools, being told "No" or sitting still for any amount of time. 

She keeps me on my toes.  She's determined and feisty and independent.  I just love her.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

On a brighter note;

It's almost mothers day.

I love my Mom.  Like, a lot.  I call that poor woman constantly and she never complains.

"Mom, this can of soup says it expired a few months ago, think I'm still OK to eat it?"

"Mom, I can't get this mirror clean with Windex, do you know anything that would work better?"

"Mom, I'm at Smith's and I can't figure out where the olives are."

Seriously, it's that bad.  Maybe worse some days.  In fact, the other night I was trying to get Sundae to bed and it wasn't going well.  She'd been crying for over two hours.  Ava was tired and upset, I was tired and upset, I tried everything.  I called my Mom and she and my Dad got in the car and came over and played with my girls and talked to me until we were all feeling much more sane.  She didn't complain about me interrupting her night, she let me vent and she didn't make me feel like a crap Mom.

She's exactly the Mom and I need and I can't imagine not having her.  Hopefully I don't drive her TOO crazy.

(The crazy neck is my photographers fault.  She kept telling me to move my head closer.  It was weird.  K.)